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We have been doing commercial work for a number of years. We have done work for such companies as Contempra, Advance, and Clark Builders as well as a few others. For commercial projects we are experienced in all concrete pours from foundations to slabs, walkways, etc. Generally, we do not erect steel or wood structures for our commercial line of construction.


We are experienced in doing both grade beam and spread footing foundations. We are well versed in the procedures and complete our work efficiently, always seeking to learn and improve. We are skilled and equipped to handle our own reinforcement bar for foundations.


We have had the privilege of pouring a number of concrete slabs. A portion of the floors we have poured have been prepped for us, but we have done quite a few where we have taken care of our own prep work. We gladly accept jobs where we can both prep and pour the slab. Unlike with residential and some agricultural we do not install radiant in floor heating in commercial buildings.

We are familiar with both spouting off of the back of the truck and/or working with a pump truck operator. We own the concrete tools we need to get the job done as well and efficiently as possible. We have the general tools such as a few different sizes of hand screeds and bull floats, concrete rakes, hand floats and steels, a power screed, etc. We have our own powered laser screed and powered laser rake to make the pour more efficient and place an even slab.

For finishing we have four ride on power trowels we typically use, and another one for backup. We have a few different walk behind power trowels and two edgers.

We own a walk behind soft cut concrete saw and under ideal conditions can cut lines into your floor on the same day as the pour. We also own a walk behind concrete saw for concrete that is not as green.

We are familiar with and have the equipment required to apply sealant to the slab.


We are happy to do the sidewalks, walkways, and driveway pads for commercial projects. We are well equipped with forms, tools, and the skill required to do handle broom finished pads. Installing the bollards that usually come with the project is not a problem for us.